We feel it a very important part of the process to ensure that the owners are as well trained as the dogs. Here at The Working Puppy Company our aim is to help give you the training to make your puppy in to a well behaved and obedient dog through gundog training methods.

We believe in training by appropriately praising and reprimanding your dog, through positive communication, body language and play so that you can create a strong and rewarding bond with your puppy.

You are the most important and interesting thing in your puppy’s life. The best way to create a bond with your puppy is through continual training. Dogs don’t see training as ‘training’, they see it as fun time with their favourite person, and the better you do it and the more you do it, the more they enjoy it!

All puppy training classes take place outside with a maximum of 6 dogs and owners in a group lesson, so that dogs can be trained and socialised in lots of space and with individual attention. Our orchard area is fully enclosed for younger puppies to train while there are a number of suitable training grounds available on the farm for the intermediate dog. The orchard area is floodlit throughout the winter.